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Resource Management as a Service (RMaaS)

The Case for Outsourcing Resource Management

Every professional services and consulting organization understands the need to run its delivery operations effectively and efficiently. Yet the reality is many PSOs underachieve in keeping operating costs in line with industry standards. Common reasons include:  lack of disciplined practices, poor tools and infrastructure, underinvestment, or some combination of all three.

The largest lever for maximizing PSO operating margins is efficient utilization of human capital - better resource management! Setting the right utilization targets and consistently achieving them is paramount to achieving financial success. The math is simple:  for a 100 person organization, 5 points of utilization equates to approximately $1 million to the bottom line. Not surprisingly, PSOs that do not consistently achieve target utilization levels are usually plagued by the reasons listed above. Our own research and other industry studies also indicate that resource management has a major impact on project performance (budget, timeliness, quality).

There is a new solution emerging that can provide PSOs with consistent and effective resource management. It's called Resource Management as a Services or RMaaS. This white paper examines why this new form of business process outsourcing can bring your organization the benefits of predictable utilization and improved project performance at a manageable cost. Enjoy the paper.

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