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The 4 Critical Success Factors for Game Changing Services Delivery
The ROI of Resource Utilization - Measuring and Capturing the Real Business Value of Your People

Consider this simple fact:  a 100 person professional services organization that achieves a 5% improvement in billable utilization can generate an incremental $1M - $2M in bottom line profit; for a 500 person organization the impact can be north of $10M and achieving a 5% improvement in utilization requires only two more billable hours weekly per individual.

Yet for many companies relying on services to bolster the bottom line and drive incremental product revenue, this mission critical metric remains largely unimproved - if not a critical point of failure.

That's why we're offering the complimentary white paper The ROI of Resource Utilization, a paper that reveals the four critical success factors that you can leverage to revolutionize your services delivery and drastically improve financial performance by:
  • Capturing maximum value from your skilled resources
  • Lowering costs while improving margins and operating income
  • Building the necessary skills management infrastructure
  • Driving more packaged services definition and sales
  • Enabling more accurate forecasting, and
  • Reducing employee turn-over and hiring 
ROI Resource Utilization

Cincinnati-based RTM Consulting provides strategic and operational advice to assist technology companies with increasing revenues and margins by leveraging services more effectively. Specializing in Resource Management and Services Business Optimization, RTM Consulting helps teams responsible for professional, consulting and support services achieve the benefits associated with successful services portfolios.

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