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Making the Case for a PMO


Every delivery leader would agree that consistent, standard, repeatable delivery execution is a goal of every organization. For Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) of any reasonable size, a Project Management Office (PMO) is essential to achieving this goal. Too often, however, organizations do not have one, have abandoned them or have not adequately structured and funded them to be effective. This is a missed opportunity to bring more value to your organization through more consistent project performance and execution.

PMOs are misunderstood creatures. The first challenge in gaining acceptance of PMOs is conveying their value. The fact is there is a strong correlation between the existence of a PMO and project success. Second, not all PMOs are the same. Each organization is different, and PMOs can be structured to meet the unique needs of each organization.

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The bottom line is this:  if you do not have a PMO, create one. If you have an ineffective one, double down and make it better. This paper will help you first make the case for having a PMO, and second, provide guidance on how to get started on your path to an impactful PMO.

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