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How to Implement Practical Metrics for Breakthrough Results

Much has been written about killer KPIs, various ways to measure utilization and gross margin, benchmarks, and more regarding metrics related to the needs of a Professional Services Operator. Receiving scant attention from the industry in the area of metrics and governance is the question of:

"How to actually implement the metrics and make them work as intended?"


This complimentary white paper is devoted to the 'how' of effectively implementing metrics and governance systems. The applicability and design of cross-functional metrics will also be addressed since this is a critical aspect of designing metrics that can work effectively.

Just a few of the important questions that we will address include:

  • When I design metrics, what operational considerations should I make?
  • Who should be involved in the metric setting and implementation process?
  • How do I define metrics of each cross-functional organization to create incentives for collaboration?
  • What does effective governance really mean and how do I operationalize governance as part of a process?
  • How do I know if the metrics I have selected will work?

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