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Heroic Delivery: The Hallmark (and Death March) of Most PS Organizations

A Guide to Building a Scalable PS Organization and Avoiding Burnout of Your Best People

Through our work with clients, RTM Consulting has been able to analyze the utilization data of a variety of Consulting and Professional Service Organizations - both large and small. In virtually every situation, we have seen that 10-20% of the population is 90% or more utilized. In a number of cases, 5-10% of the population was over 100% utilized. We all know that overtime and "going the distance" is part of the job, but in these cases, people were 100%+ utilized for a full year. What makes matters worse, anywhere from 20%-40% of the population was less than 60% utilized.

How does this happen? Do these statements sound familiar?

  • I have to have John on my project. No one else!
  • No, those resources are not experts. It has to be John!
  • John can come shadow the project, but I'm not paying for the time.
  • John can you work on both of these projects at the same time.


Many PSOs start as small organizations. In small organizations, PS executives hire "experts" or employees develop into experts by necessity as there is no one else around to do the job. As the PSO grows, either organically or through acquisition, the same initial experts are still doing a majority of the work. The organization is systematically either unable or unwilling to mint a new generation of experts. 

This complimentary white paper will provide a guide to building a scalable PS organization.

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