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Professional Services Organizations Need Professional Services Automation

PSOs Eat Your Own Dog Food

Professional Services Organizations (PSOs) exist because of technology - software or hardware. Period. Without software or hardware, why would the technology organization need a professional services organization? The software or hardware is designed to do something of benefit for the target market:  make business operations more efficient; provide real-time information on processes to help management make better decisions; enable quicker and more accurate analyses of large volumes of information. The software/hardware solution does something to make the user's life better.

And the software/hardware company's personnel - PS personnel included - are likely pretty well versed at explaining those benefits to the client base.

Why then, do so many PSOs not take their own advice?

RTM Consulting has seen many organizations that do effectively use some form of a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution. Yet, all too often, we find PSOs that are still run using spreadsheets, whiteboards, or a limited set of automation technology.

This complimentary white paper will explore how PSOs can drive more enterprise value through the use of real-time project, resource utilization and other data. The paper is not intended to advocate the use of one platform over another. Rather, ultimately, it aims to help the PSO "eat its own dog food" in terms of acknowledging the benefits that automated information technology can provide the PS business.

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