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PS Execs: Stop Fighting Fires - Start Staffing Teams

A Guide to Relieving the Stress Associated with Staffing PS Projects

One of the most common issues facing Professional Services Operators is related to staffing project teams. Just about anyone in a PS Organization has heard one of the following refrains:

  • We don't have enough experts!
  • We need to pull Bill from the customer A project to put on the customer B project.
  • We need the 'A players' on this project.


One of the most common is the 'A players' refrain. This is the process of staffing each and every role with the highest performing resource in the organization for each role. Does that imply some clients are ok with the B or C players? We define this mindset as "staffing a role." It involves thinking you always need the very best person in each and every project role.

If you look at well run consulting firms, they are primarily focused on "staffing a team." During the staffing process, they look to balance team members' strengths and weaknesses. They avoid unnecessary escalations. While they do not necessarily think that every consultant is the best, they do view each team as an "A team" - and the team is focused on delivering a result. This white paper will define the key steps PSOs need to take to begin to focus on "Staffing a Team, not a role."

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