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  Taxonomy: A Critical Success Factor

         for Knowledge Management

As the technology space grows, service offerings are becoming more and more complex. At the same time, the growth of unstructured data/knowledge capital is also growing at a very fast pace. With this kind of growth many companies are finding it difficult to maintain and manage knowledge capital effectively.  

Recent research gives strong support to the clear need in the marketplace to improve how workers create, use and derive value from knowledge capital. According to IDC, 1,000 knowledge workers waste $2.5 million a year due to inability to locate or retrieve information.

A critical success factor in the creation, search, access and useful sharing of knowledge capital is the development of Taxonomy. Traditional navigation simply is not enough to deliver targeted content to individuals. Information needs to be categorized in a way that employees can relate the content to their day-to-day information requirements. Taxonomy development is both an art and a science.

This complimentary white paper, Taxonomy: A Critical Success Factor for Knowledge Management, was written by Dinesh Balam, a Principal Consultant at RTM Consulting. The paper reveals the benefits of a well-defined taxonomy and the key elements needed in the taxonomy design process.

With the rapid growth of unstructured data and information, the need for better management of knowledge capital is essential for the technology industry. Taxonomies can be indispensable tools in helping users locate desired content within a repository. Fill out the form to download your copy now.

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