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Creating a Value Dividend Through Repeatable Service Delivery

A good consultant brings certainty and structure to dynamic business situations. Clients prefer predictable outcomes. Better yet, they value consultants who address this and bear some risk of the planned results. What are consulting and professional services organizations doing to address this?

According to a TSIA survey, respondents indicated that 39% of their service offerings are repeatable packages. This is trending higher, but still indicates that there is a substantial amount of custom pricing occurring. Other data suggests that over two-thirds of delivery organizations leverage a standardized delivery methodology. These two data points indicate that there is a gap to translating standardized delivery practices into more standardized service offerings, leaving potential value on the table.

Your business is always changing. New products are released, your target customers expand and your delivery models change. All this leaves significant performance gaps in properly leveraging standardized delivery methodologies and practices.

This complimentary paper details how defining standard service offers for proven delivery capabilities will allow your organization to maximize the potential margin and value of your services. Enjoy the paper.

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