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Change Management

Key to Avoiding a Failed Knowledge Management Implementation

As the competition is increasing every day, organizations are having a difficult time maintaining and exceeding their customer satisfaction goals. Happy customers always help organizations with repeat business, extending contracts and spreading word of mouth in the industry thus providing organizations with leads to get new contracts/customers.

In order to ensure the very best in customer satisfaction, organizations are moving to Knowledge Management to help them in leveraging the organizational IP gained over a period of time by working closely with various customers and in different industry domains.

In this paper RTM Consulting focuses on the situations where companies failed when approaching Knowledge Management as a technology implementation. Technology is just an enabler in a Knowledge Management solution, the key element is "people." And to implement a successful Knowledge Management solution, organizations need to address people's needs, concerns and fears.

This leads to a discussion regarding Change Management. Any Knowledge Management solution which does not have a strong Change Management strategy is doomed to failure. Change Management must be a key component of your Knowledge Management strategy.

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