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Practical Knowledge Management

The Keys to Customer Satisfaction

Your company's reputation for customer service is important to acquiring new customers. Delivering great customer service is also key to keeping and growing those hard won customer relationships. More and more Knowledge Management (KM) is becoming the strategic tool of choice for achieving a customer centric approach to customer service.  

Interesting, given the clear benefits of KM, is that so many companies still struggle with effective execution of a KM strategy. Numerous studies have found that enterprise satisfaction with KM lags many other areas of business productivity. This white paper will address two important and frequent reasons why KM solutions fail and how to avoid those pitfalls. This paper also provides an actionable, five step process for building a practical knowledge centered solution.

Irrespective of whether your services needs are in professional, consulting or support services, enterprise-wide capture, management and sharing of knowledge capital should be a part of your overall strategy to gain, retain and grow customer relationships. Customers will quickly recognize your ability to provide helpful, consistent and rapid answers from all parts of your company - from professional services to help desk support.

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