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Time to Get Serious about Knowledge Management for Professional Services

We have all heard the old cliche 'knowledge is power.' But as savvy business people know - it's clearly more than a cliche - knowledge is power! Information is vital to running an effective PS organization. Have you ever found yourself asking any of the following questions:

  • What is the best practice for testing our abc application?
  • I know we fixed a similar problem last month in Europe - did we document that solution?
  • Where have we identified compatibility issues with our xyz application?
  • Why didn't we capture what he/she knew before they left? Now we have no one in the organization with experience with that product but we still have customers to support.  

Knowledge management is something PS teams need, talk about and sometimes do but compared to other services disciplines - e.g. support services - PS teams have clear opportunities for improvement. Best practices, issue resolution information, project and product data and information, and a lot more form the basis of a valuable knowledge base which can in turn be used to deliver projects on-time, on-budget, with great quality consistently. ROI for KM investments is also typically very attractive making the call to action for KM in PS all the more compelling.

In this paper we share insights gained from our Knowledge Management practice on why the PS industry has not made inroads in KM needed for today's highly dynamic environment, and more importantly what you need to do to make KM a reality for your Professional Services team today. 

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