Campaign Name:
SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS, a research series from ExactTarget, featuring CoTweet


Campaign Strategy

To generate and share primary insights into consumer/brand interactions via emerging social channels - insights that inform our product development, help marketers better leverage emerging channels, and position ExactTarget as the thought-leader amongst interactive marketing SaaS companies.

Execution & Use of Media
Launched in June 2010, SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS is an ongoing, primary research series designed to help marketers better understand consumer use of email, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as the types of interactions consumers desire through each of those channels. To date, the series is comprised of three distinct research studies, each consisting of two phases - a qualitative phase with in-depth consumer focus groups followed by a quantitative phase involving a survey of U.S. internet users, 15 and older.

The survey data was analyzed by the ExactTarget team, and to date, nine separate reports have been produced from the data. All creative and narrative elements were also designed and developed in-house with ExactTarget contributors.

To promote the series, we leveraged ExactTarget.com, CoTweet.com, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and various advertising placements. Several of the releases were also supported with complimentary webinars and videos in which the primary SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS authors, Jeff Rohrs, VP of Marketing Research & Education of ExactTarget, and Morgan Stewart, formerly of ExactTarget and now CEO and Co-Founder of Trendline Interactive, shared actionable insights from the research reports. The SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS website (http://www.exacttarget.com/sff) also featured interactive tools that allow marketers to analyze the data based on gender and age classifications that they set.

Digital Morning
"Digital Morning" interactive tool

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"Social Profile" interactive tool

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The SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS research series continues to have a large impact on ExactTarget's business. The research is based upon the subject of subscribers' main desires concerning marketing from brands, which has led to development in other areas of the company, such as the creation of new products. SFF data is currently used to help determine mediums for reaching out to customers and other marketers. The results of the SFF research series have proven to be beneficial - helping ExactTarget become known as a global thought leader in the interactive marketing industry.

Key featured results include:
  • SFF Unique Downloads: More than 15,000
  • New business leads through downloads: almost 10,000. More than 60% of downloads became new leads
  • Media coverage of the research series from noted publications and media outlets such as Advertising Age, AdWeek, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Brandweek, CNBC, Mashable and CRM
In addition to ExactTarget's already commendable results in the United States, ExactTarget U.K. will conduct its first SUBSCRIBERS, FANS & FOLLOWERS research series in Q4 2011 to provide key marketing insight into the European market.

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"Top Reasons Why Consumers Unsubscribe Via E-Mail, Facebook & Twitter," Mashable
"Why We Break Up. . .With a Brand," The New York Times/VentureBeat