A Special Thanks from a Patient

Eloise Orr
Photo by Dan Dry
Eloise Orr, a breast cancer patient featured in our advertising campaign, has written a letter thanking her team of physicians and nurses at the Medical Center.

The University of Chicago Medical Center received the following e-mail from Eloise Orr, a patient who was featured in our new advertising campaign. Orr has been treated for breast cancer multiple times at the Medical Center.

Subject: To my WONDERFUL team of doctors and nurses...


I just watched the extended video. You have no idea how touched and moved to tears I was to hear all of the wonderful things you said about me. Having a team of doctors like you looking out for me is a dream come true, and I just want you to know how blessed I feel to have had each of you in my life. After all, I may not have been here now without you and your expertise.

Every step I take and success I will have in my life is owed in part to you. I truly love each of you, and though I don't always say it, I ALWAYS feel it and mean it.  

I cannot forget to mention Kelly (Dr. Song's assistant) and Val Piazza, Dr. Jaskowiak's nurse, who always went out of her way to be an emotional support to me. I could tell her anything...cancer related or not. I could cry, and she would just look at me listening with her loving kind blue eyes, and I just knew everything was going to be OK.

I always used to say, "The University of Chicago is my second home." I said that because I was there so much, but I also said it because I felt like I was with family — the people who love you, look after you and have only your best interest at heart...EXACTLY what you all are to me.

Yours in love and peace,