STREET TALK: What Outdoor Activities Do You Look Forward to Doing in the Spring?

Amit Bobby Mahajan, MD
Photos by Gerald Waddell

Amit Bobby Mahajan, MD, pulmonary/critical care fellow: Finally being able to go play soccer again at the Lincoln Park soccer field.

NaTasha McNabb

NaTasha McNabb, phlebotomist:
I look forward to being able to go for a run or a walk, riding a bike and to taking the kids to the zoo or the park.

John Easton

John Easton, director of Medical Center communications:
I enjoy riding my bike along the lakeshore.

Alma Harvest

Alma Harvest, clinical coordinator, the Heart Station:
Tending my garden. I grow roses and this year I'll be attempting to grow vegetables for the first time.

Jan Colwell, RN, MS, CWOCN

Jan Colwell, RN, MS, CWOCN, clinical nurse specialist, general surgery:
I love to get my garden all cleaned up after winter. Once I see everything growing out of the soil, I know that spring has arrived.

Matthew Pellerite, MD

Matthew Pellerite, MD, resident of pediatrics:
I can't wait to be able to go hang out in the city parks that are available, as we like to go out for walks after dinner in my household.