A Nurse's New Year's Resolution

Karen Morrison
Photo by David Christopher
Karen Morrison, RN
A Medical Center nurse recently wrote a New Year’s resolution that was selected for Nursing Spectrum, a nursing magazine published by Gannett Healthcare Group. The story (below) appeared in the January 10 edition along with New Year’s resolutions from other nurses nationwide.

By Karen Morrison, RN, 4SE unit, University of Chicago Medical Center

Outside of being a mother, nursing is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, of all jobs.

Just as a mother instills in her child the gift of knowledge, nurses must ensure that when patients are discharged, they know how to maintain optimal health. My resolution is to prioritize the many hats nurses wear so I have more time at the bedside to effectively teach.

Nurses often find themselves rushing through shifts, trying to prioritize their time so they can end their shifts feeling they've done everything to provide the best care.

We shouldn’t wait for patients to ask questions; we must assess their needs and provide helpful information. This may provoke more questions and take more time, but it also might save a life.

Spending more time teaching my patients might mean I occasionally stay late, but I'll end my shift with a smile in my heart, knowing I've done everything possible to provide the best patient care.