STREET TALK: What Unhealthy Habits Do You Avoid?

Melanie Samardzija, RN, NP, PhD
Photos by Gerald Waddell

Melanie Samardzija, RN, NP, PhD, gastroenterology: I try to avoid fatty foods by thinking about the health problems they contribute to, like high cholesterol and hypertension. I eat substitute foods, like fish.

Tracie Shelton, RN, MSN

Tracie Shelton, RN, MSN, assistant manager of inpatient nursing, NICU:
I avoid eating really greasy food. Packing my lunch and planning meals helps me not fall into the trap of getting “drive-through.”

Toledo Jones, clinical assistant, OB /GYN

Toledo Jones, clinical assistant, OB/GYN:
I avoid inactivity. My husband is in the military, and we work out every morning with the treadmill and weights.

James Shover, assistant director of laboratory pathology

James Shover, assistant director of laboratory pathology:
Inactivity. I’ll walk to work from the parking lot, or I’ll take the stairs. I also like to bicycle in the spring, summer and fall.