Super Users Chart Path to Automation

super user nurses
NICU staff nurse and CPOE Super Users Davina Pillai and Mary Tomak help UCMC prepare for a safer, more collaborative and less paper-based enterprise.
The central and frontline role of nurses in University of Chicago Medical Center strategic initiatives was highlighted last week during preparations for the May rollout of Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) – the Phoenix Project software that allows medication and procedure orders to be entered directly in a computer.

Several specially-trained nurses – called Super Users – were available around the clock in early April when CPOE was installed in select units. They worked on the frontline as the Medical Center deployed innovative technologies that support the consistent delivery of safe, effective, efficient and patient-centered care.

Their hands-on experience is helping fine-tune the software so patient safety benefits, such as automatically screening for drug interactions and not having to interpret physician handwriting, are optimized when CPOE goes live throughout the Medical Center on May 12. Entering all orders directly into a computer will also enable more effective collaboration among multidisciplinary care providers, as everyone on the care team will see all the information at the same time.

"It's been a very smooth transition,” said Davina Pillai, RN, NICU staff nurse and CPOE Super User. “We are helping make sure we know where to find all the information so the entire roll out proceeds smoothly." Employees can find more information about CPOE on the intranet. Visit the CPOE Home Page and view Custom Tip Sheets and Go Live Check Lists.