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Professional Services from the Cloud - Beware of the Trade-offs

A Look at the Potential Pitfalls the Cloud Delivery Model Presents and Remedies for Dealing with Them

Cloud computing, the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, continues to grow at a rapid rate due to the real client benefits of this model:  low initial costs, operational predictability, business flexibility and lower risk. The growth of this model is inherently changing the role of professional services organizations. PSO leaders are readily embracing the opportunities associated with this model for their organizations.

  • Staff skilled resources across multiple client implementations
  • Manage virtual, global staffing more effectively
  • Blur the lines of implementation and support to minimize post production quality issues


While many professional services staff members enjoy the reduced frequent flyer miles and additional stress of implementing solutions in disparate client environments, PSO leaders should be mindful of some new management and operational challenges this model presents. Download this complimentary white paper and learn about some of the potential pitfalls the Cloud delivery model presents for PSOs and remedies for dealing with them.

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